Pebble Beach Community Information

It all began about 100 years ago when the legendary beauty of Pebble Beach brought visitors in horse-drawn carriages that traveled the scenic coastline to bathe and picnic at a particular beach. What attracted them were the shiny pebbles that washed up along the shore. In 1908 a lodge was built at the site. Del Monte Forest also drew the attention of Samuel F.B. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph. In 1919 he organized the Del Monte Properties Company to build the first of many golf courses in Pebble Beach. The rest is now history. Samuel Morse's love and appreciation for the area's unsurpassed scenic beauty was expressed in his business philosophy: "Profits are incidental to the orderly projection of subdivisions that will not mar the rare beauty of this place. Pebble Beach is one spot on 1,100 miles of gorgeous coastline, which will remain completely unspoiled."

Today, the Pebble Beach community, with its world-renowned golf resorts, stately homes and glamorous lifestyle, stands as a gracious tribute to Morse's vision. So much so, visitors gladly pay $10 at the gates just to tour 17-Mile Drive and experience the unspoiled scenery that surrounds it. There is little debate that, today, Pebble Beach retains its reputation as one of the world's most prestigious and coveted places to reside and recreate.

This peaceful 5,300-acre shoreline community is a fine place to live and play for people of all ages. Pebble Beach and its neighboring towns offer residents a vast array of opportunities to further education, appreciate the fine arts, interact through special community events and socialize. Students in grades K-12 can attend public schools in the Carmel, Monterey or Pacific Grove Unified school districts. There also are a number of top-rated private schools, such as Pebble Beach's Robert Louis Stevenson School that boasts international alumni. Community colleges and four-year universities, including the University of California, are located nearby.